The London Park Race Series 2017
A series of orienteering races in London parks organised by the London orienteering clubs
All the races are on weekday evenings and are suitable for beginners - just turn up!

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Introduction to orienteering races - Map of race locations

(& Apres-O)
1Tue 23 MayDanson ParkWelling Andrew Evans (DFOK)
2Tue 30 MayNorthala FieldsNortholt Duncan Grassie (SLOW)
3Tue 6 June
4Tue 13 JuneMiddlesex University (Hendon Campus)Hendon Central Miriam and David Rosen (LOK)
5Tue 20 JuneNonsuch ParkCheam Tony Burton (MVOC)
6Tue 27 JuneCannizaro ParkWimbledon Don McKerrow (SLOW)
7Tue 4 JulyTBC (E London)Gavin Hurley (SLOW)
8Tue 11 JulyOak Hill ParkOakleigh Park Neil Brooks (LOK)
9Tue 18 JulyLloyd ParkLloyd ParkAndrew Evans (DFOK)
10Tue 25 JulyTBC (N London)Todd Fallesen (SLOW/LOK)
£ Races normally have registration/start times between 6:00pm and 7:30pm

£ Most races have two courses - normally around 2.5km and 5km

£ Most of the races are in parkland, so competing in a T-shirt and trainers will normally be fine
Full leg cover may put you at a slight advantage for a couple of the events.
£ Most races are £3 for BOF members with their own SI card, and £5 for everyone else (including hire of an SI card if needed).

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Central Organising Team

Series Coordinator (2016-17): Oliver O'Brien
League Tables: TBC
Website Design: Oliver O'Brien
Facebook: Oliver O'Brien
Twitter: TBC
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